Friday, 12 April 2013

net commands in Linux

Net commands of Linux is useful commands that will help to check the network of ourself and some other services to observe the other networks. Here the List of net commands of Linux,

net rpc                       Run functions using RPC transport
net rap                       Run functions using RAP transport
net ads                       Run functions using ADS transport
net file                        Functions on remote opened files
net share                    Functions on shares
net session                 Manage sessions
net server                  List servers in workgroup
net domain                List domains/workgroups on network
net printq                  Modify printer queue
net user                     Manage users
net group                  Manage groups
net groupmap           Manage group mappings
net sam                     Functions on the SAM database
net validate               Validate username and password
net groupmember     Modify group memberships
net admin                  Execute remote command on a remote OS/2 server
net service                 List/modify running services
net password             Change user password on target server
net changetrustpw    Change the trust password
net changesecretpw  Change the secret password
net setauthuser          Set the winbind auth user
net getauthuser         Get the winbind auth user settings
net time                     Show/set time
net lookup                 Look up host names/IP addresses
net g_lock                 Manipulate the global lock table
net join                      Join a domain/AD
net dom                     Join/unjoin (remote) machines to/from a domain/AD
net cache                  Operate on the cache tdb file
net getlocalsid          Get the SID for the local domain
net setlocalsid          Set the SID for the local domain
net setdomainsid      Set domain SID on member servers
net getdomainsid      Get domain SID on member servers
net maxrid                Display the maximum RID currently used
net idmap                 IDmap functions
net status                 Display server status
net usershare           Manage user-modifiable shares
net usersidlist           Display list of all users with SID
net conf                    Manage Samba registry based configuration
net registry              Manage the Samba registry
net eventlog             Process Win32 *.evt eventlog files
net printing              Process tdb printer files
net serverid              Manage the serverid tdb
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